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#MiSteryBOX: A Easier Way to Get Around Your City with Xiaomi


Vídeo novo no canal oficial da Xiaomi: “#MiSteryBOX: A Easier Way to Get Around Your City with Xiaomi”

@Xiaomify is back for another episode of #MiSteryBOX ! This time with a BIIIIG box! Can you guess what’s inside? Here’s a hint: it’s a really cool product that makes it really easy to get around your city! Want to know more about this exciting product? Let’s find out!

New episodes of #MiSteryBOX coming out every other Friday!

Learn More:
https://www.mi.com/global/ (Global official website)
https://twitter.com/xiaomi (Twitter)
https://www.facebook.com/xiaomiglobal/ (Facebook)
https://www.instagram.com/xiaomi.global/ (Instagram)
https://bit.ly/2XuOhza (Xiaomify)

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